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​~ Jinx Preview ~
Part One - 'The Vision'
     "Stay away...stay away from me, I don't want your filthy Tech madness!" She screams in desperation, feeling the stone wall press into her back.
     Groping blindly toward her, he pleads with her, "Help me".
     "I can't -- stay away! You're too close…"  She falls back, too dizzy to run away. She is infected-- blood vessels begin to burst in her head, pain overcomes her. Her vision fades to red, then black.
     She lies whimpering in a pile of trash at the edge of the alley. No one comes to help her; she's contagious. 
     The seer cries out and reaches her hand toward the dying girl. The vision fades into the dancing light of a fire on the hearth.
     "Grandmother, are you alright?" 
     "Yes Darling, but there is something you must do..." 

*Jinx is a Science-Fiction Adventure Series*
With Action
Adventure and Fun
Cool Toys
 Saving the universe of course, with fun, friends, adventure, torture, cool toys, intrigue, handsome men, and handsomer women.
*What is this Adventure about?*