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Eclectic is the word around here.  I've had many different jobs over the years; ballroom dancer, airport manager, bread baker, insurance agent (not very good at that one), singer in a band, etc.  The one constant for me in all that time: Writing!  No matter what else I might be doing, writing has always, somehow happened.  Lots of other writers can probably relate to this:  note books full of stories and ideas, poems and songs that I've treasured but never shown anyone.  Until now.  In 2012 Sam Curious, the first in the Sam Series of children's books was published to much acclaim, the second in the series, Dear Sam, was published in 2013 and now the third book in the series, Sam's Picnic has just been published!  True to my eclectic nature, I've also written a comic book series called Jinx with a science fiction theme.
 So take a look around if you'd like, and please contact me with any questions.
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Great News!!
Book 3 in the Sam Series, Sam's Picnic, has been released!  
~New Honors for Sam~
Sam is now the official mascot of children's programming at Field Memorial Library.